A Funny Reblog

Kristen Lamb has blogging down.

Especially about serial killers, I MEAN writers. So, as a writer, I can relate. Reading her blog this afternoon just sent me into a fit of giggling.

I have read her blogs, and her fiction. She is an awesome serial killer, I MEAN writer, and if you aren’t following her, well, your loss. Give me a comment that you are not, and I may write you in as a … victim.

jason bourne

Read. Please. Before I add you to that list …


2 thoughts on “A Funny Reblog

  1. I would hate for FBI computer forensics to go through my browsing history — oh, like I’d delete the gems . Or maybe my serial killer I mean, WRITER manuscripts, some finished some still torturing.. I mean, WRITING a more complex character… Sniper rifles, handguns, cool knives (never leave home without a gun or a knife — in FICTION), awesome poisons… studying blood spatter, how to get rid of the body, I MEAN, what kinds of things fit in that freezer … watching Dexter… well. I would never. I am a ‘literary author’ after all.


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