I, me and my shadow by Deepa

via I, me and my shadow 

This is an amazing piece of prose, so sensory in sight, sound, touch.. you can hear the squeal of a child so excited for that chocolate and taste as the Cadbury melts on the tongue. An example of exemplary writing! And so true.

4 thoughts on “I, me and my shadow by Deepa

  1. Thank you, Claire, for linking my post to your blog. Really means a lot! Never thought so many people would like it and take it to their heart. So glad that you could resonate with me. 🙂


    • I smiled throughout, remembering childhood, the treats we’d get, going to the ‘five and dime’ store, running through sprinklers in the summer and making snow angels in December. Your piece brought back so much, in a flood of memories. Like an unexpected tide that splashes in a tease.

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