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Glass Slipper is my second crime fiction. I’m having a fit of fun writing noir. My MC is a cranky medical examiner, trying hard to change. Unfortunately, obstacles are thrown in his path every which way. It gets tough trying to reconcile his past, chase down a murderer, and steer clear of the roscoe his tech carries.

Noir is a special category, funny and horribly sexist and never PC. But, what a riot!

Fabulous Foods or How You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

This is my first publication. Because I wanted to move it into patient hands, I used createspace. I didn’t pay much attention to perfection- I just wanted my pts to have the recipes and they didn’t care abt perfection. But I didn’t like the 3 ring binders and the huge amount of money I spent. So I threw it in self . About 2 months later about $1000 worth of books have sold through the office, it marketed itself. But my passion is fiction – medical fiction I’ve written, currently just completed Collision, and onto a Whiskey Flats sequel, The Hangman’s Gate.